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“We’re No Longer Wasting Our Class Time!”: SFSU and Eli Review co-lead a workshop at [email protected]

Which option BEST describes your peer learning method?

  1. Handing out a list of printed questions to groups, hoping they will stay on task
  2. An electronic file exchange where it takes 3x longer to figure out who told what to whom than it did for students to actually give feedback
  3. An app that shows feedback given and feedback received per student, per review, and per course on-screen and in downloads
  4. None of the above. I do not assign peer review. Though it should work, peer learning too often disappoints.

San Francisco State University instructors found that strategies A & B wasted time. Because peer learning disappointed so often, one instructor even opted for D, eliminating student-student feedback entirely. But, now, answer C with Eli Review helps SFSU instructors invest more time in teaching how to give feedback and how to revise.

That’s right: More time in peer learning leads to more engagement, more student satisfaction, better writing, and better writers. And most of the time is outside of class.

Our team is delighted to co-present Workshop 5 “We’re No Longer Wasting Our Class Time!” with San Francisco State University instructors at the regional Conference on College Composition and Communication at San Jose State University, June 8-10.

Participants with wifi-connected devices will complete a write-review-revise cycle during the workshop. We’ll show how Eli works while telling the story of how peer feedback and revision became the drumbeat of the course in first-year and advanced writing curricula, especially for hybrid classes. An outgrowth of our weekly conversations during 2016-2017, this workshop emphasizes practical ideas for using Eli’s engagement data to identify students who succeeding and struggling with giving helpful feedback.

Workshop 5: “We’re No Longer Wasting Our Class Time!”: A Hands-On Workshop for Better Online Peer Learning

Facilitators: John Holland, Melissa Meeks, Joan Wong-Kure, Evan Kaiser and Martha Rusk

This workshop distills the strategies faculty have used to make peer learning a primary mode of instruction in hybrid classes. By treating peer learning as a type of critical reading and response exercise, giving feedback became a routine and powerful way to reinforce larger course goals in a wide range of writing spaces, from traditional to hybrid and even fully online courses.

“We’re No Longer Wasting Our Class Time!”: SFSU and Eli Review co-lead a workshop at [email protected] was published to the Eli Review Blog in the category Conferences.

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