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Release Notes: Review Submissions and Upload Types

We’ve just released an update to Eli Review that we’re excited to get into the community’s hands. This update addresses a number of minor bugs and annoyances that you’ve brought to our attention (thank you) but also a couple of new features.

New File Upload Types

By popular demand, we’ve expanded the types of files that students can upload. Specifically, we’ve made it possible to upload image files and spreadsheets. The complete list of allowed file types now includes:

  • documents (doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf)
  • images (jpg, png, gif)
  • slides (ppt, pptx)
  • spreadsheets (xls, xlsx)

Upload limits still remain 10 Mb. Further information about student submissions is available in the instructor user guide.

Detailed Review Submission Reports

When we released our improved time and time zone features last summer, one new feature was a “Detailed Submission Report” for writing tasks that let instructors see a list of all student submissions that made it easy to assess timeliness. This release includes a new report, similar to the writing submission report, but this time for review tasks.

The new report is accessible in the review task report, in the groups column near the data download options. Clicking this link will display the new detailed submission report for that review task.

The report displays your class roster, rather than groups, making it easy to find a specific student and assess their timeliness. The report flags late or incomplete writers by changing their color, making it very easy to identify students who need to be nudged to get their feedback in on time.

Our deepest thanks, as always, to our amazing community of teachers who continually give us feedback about their needs and wishes. Eli continues to improve because of your active participation and helpful feedback. If you have any suggestions for how Eli can improve, please contact us!

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