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Describe – Evaluate – Suggest : A Helpful Feedback Pattern

Learning to give helpful feedback takes practice. An easy way to start is to follow the describe-evaluate-suggest pattern. In the video below, one of Eli’s co-inventors Bill Hart-Davidson (@billhd) explains how the pattern works:

The pattern gives students a very clear framework for how to give feedback:

  • Describe – say what you see as a reader
  • Evaluate – explain how the text meets or doesn’t meet criteria established in the prompt
  • Suggest – offer concrete advice for improvement

Describe-evaluate-suggest doesn’t necessarily describe everything that goes into giving good feedback, but it’s one way for newer reviewers to get started. It also helps to make the feedback writers receive more useful for planning revision.

For a longer discussion, check our giving helpful feedback tutorial. For additional resources about teaching and practicing feedback, check out our Instructor Resources Hub and Student Resource Hub.

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