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Muses Magazine Features Eli Review

The cover of the print edition of Muses, from the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State.

Eli Review and its inventors were recently featured twice in Muses, the annual magazine published by the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University.

In the Fall 2014 issue,  Eli is a featured story, discussing its invention by College of Arts & Letters faculty, spinning it off into a new business, and its adoption campus-wide at Michigan State:

Eli Review works from the idea, supported by research on writing development and learning theory, that students become better writers as they learn productive strategies for revision…It emphasizes moments of review and revision, and allows for more effective interventions into students’ writing processes.

Eli Review Demonstrates Value of Peer Learning & Assessment (Web, PDF)


In a second article, the “Thinking Like a Writer” massive open online course (MOOC) coordinated by Michigan State in 2013 and again in 2013. Jeff Grabill, one of Eli Review’s inventors and designer of the MOOC, discussed what the group learned from the project in 2013 and what they brought to the most recent version:

“We also learned that it is possible to create high quality peer feedback at scale with large enrollments and to create quality peer learning experiences. That is at the top of our agenda. And, with Eli Review, we have the technology to craft peer learning in a very real way.”

Changes Designed to Improve “Thinking Like a Writer” MOOC (Web, PDF)


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