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Bug Fix Release: September 10, 2012

While we’re thrilled to hear from folks who like the new revision features we released two weeks ago, we remain hard at work addressing issues we’ve known about for a while and new issues that continue to pop up from the new features. Last week’s bug fix release addressed some significant issues with review, and this week we resolve  some issues with revision as well as other minor problems.

This week’s release fixes the following bugs:

  • A bug that returned a nasty error message to students joining a class that had exactly one task already created (not zero tasks, and not two or more tasks, but exactly one ).
  • A bug that caused a revision task to show twice on the instructor’s “Tasks and Reports” list.
  • A “division by zero” error caused when an instructor saves a revision task as a draft.
  • A bug that caused some new writing tasks not to show up in the “Tasks and Reports” list.
  • A bug that produced a PHP error on the “Create an Account” interface when the user clicked in the “username” box and clicked out of it without entering anything.
  • A bug that caused review feedback with a 5-star helpfulness rating to display 10 stars (sorry, reviewers, no extra helpfulness for you!)
  • A fairly serious bug that made it impossible to edit, delete, or assign a revision task saved as a draft in some circumstances.
  • Removed a vestigial “edit account settings” interface made obsolete by the new, awesome version and put a proper 404 redirect in place.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems using Eli. You can do this by going to Help -> Report Tech Issue while logged in to Eli, by emailing us at [email protected], mentioning @elireview on Twitter, or posting to our Facebook Wall. We’re always listening!

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