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Bug-Fix Release – August 31, 2012

With every major new release comes new bugs. We do our best to kill them before you see them, but we’re not always perfect.

In the wake of last Friday’s major release, in which we debuted our new Revision features, several bugs made it out into the wild. This week’s update addresses four of the new bugs identified as the biggest problems for users:

  • Date and time issues: a relatively small mistake caused a serious error that affected all of the date-selection options throughout Eli. This caused short start and end dates for courses, due dates for tasks to be short, and tasks closing for students well before their due dates. This problem should be resolved now and all dates should function as you’d expect.
  • Making changes to saved reviews: many users reported error messages when trying to edit, assign, or delete reviews that had been saved as drafts. This problem should be resolved and all reviews should be editable and assigned as expected.
  • Deleting reviews: a bug caused an endless “Do you want to delete this review?” loop to occur when a user tried to delete a review. Reviews should now delete as expected.
  • Loading saved reviews: some types of reviews caused ugly error messages when users tried to load them in the “Load Review” interface. This bug has been eliminated.
  • Student review reports: an oversight caused links to review reports to not show up after a student completed a review, making it impossible for students to access their review results. This too has been solved.
  • Portfolio views: a bug in both the student and instructor portfolio view caused tasks that had been deleted to be visible on these displays. That bug has been removed and deleted tasks should no longer be shown.
  • Students saving feedback: students doing a review would see a PHP error if they used the “Save Feedback” button. That should no longer happen.

We move as fast as we can to resolve bugs when we become aware of them. If you find bugs in Eli, please let us know. You can do this in several ways:

  • Report the bug in Eli by going to Help -> Report Tech Issue. This will go directly to our developers and will capture all relevant data about your problem.
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • @mention us on Twitter
  • Post on our Facebook wall

We’re always listening for your feedback. Happy reviewing!

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