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Free Workshop Announcement: Explaining Peer Learning

We at Eli Review have been thinking a lot about how teachers explain formative feedback and revision to students. We’ve recently released a set of resources to facilitate those discussions.

There’s an earlier step, however. Teachers have talk with students about peer learning on their syllabus and/or in class. We think we can help each other lead those conversations more effectively.

Join us for a one-week, fully asynchronous hands-on experience in Eli Review to workshop how you can talk with students about peer learning. By participating, you’ll accomplish four goals in five days:

  1. Learn about the pedagogy behind peer learning
  2. Experience Eli Review as a student
  3. Prepare to talk to students about peer learning and using Eli
  4. Get access to an Eli course as a co-instructor so that you see how it works

Here’s what the five days include:

  1. Monday, August 10 (1 hour): Enroll in a free course and write in response to assigned readings.
  2. Tuesday, August 11 (30 minutes): Between 9 AM and midnight, give feedback to 2-3 colleagues.
  3. Wednesday, August 12 (20 minutes): After 11 AM, watch the debriefing video, rate helpfulness, and build a revision plan.
  4. Thursday, August 13 (15 minutes): Check your revision plan for instructor comments and resubmit your work.
  5. Friday, August 14 (30 minutes): Now that you’re enrolled as an instructor, explore the course and give us some feedback about your experiences and needs as you take small, successful steps to using Eli this fall.

Want to participate?

Join us! Participation is free; all you need to do is join the course in Eli Review and complete the short writing project by 9am EST on Tuesday, 28. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Go to and log in or create an account.
  2. Choose “Student Dashboard.”
  3. In the course code box, type: pease972cups
  4. Click Join Course.
  5. Click the “Describe peer review’s value to students” writing prompt and follow the instructions.

If you want to follow along but not participate, you can follow the individual exercises at or on our Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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