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About Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer

Eli Review is designed to work in all modern web browsers.  Internet Explorer, however,  causes a specific problem when students submit their work by copying and pasting from Microsoft Word.

Problem: In a writing task, students may experience one or both problems:

  1.  While trying to submit the task, Eli warns students that they didn’t submit any text, though they see their text on screen.
  2. After submitting, the writing task appears blank to others who try to view it. Reviewers are often the first to notice the blank writing task.

Cause: Students copied their writing out of Microsoft Word and pasted that text into Internet Explorer using the right-click options.

Best Practice: After writers using any browser have submitted a writing task, they should click on Course Home and then click on the writing task again to confirm that the draft they submitted appears as expected.

Solution: Don’t use right-click options to paste from Microsoft Word into Eli using Internet Explorer. Use these other methods instead :

  1.  Use the Edit -> Copy option in Word and the Edit -> Paste option in Internet Explorer.
  2. Use the shortcut keys for copy (Ctrl-C) and past (Ctrl-V) rather than the right-click options.
  3. Copy out of Word, paste into Notepad, and then Paste into Eli.
  4. Recommended: Use any other web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Related Issue: If reviewers were the first notice that a writer’s submission is blank, the writer cannot resubmit the writing task for review in Eli. The review is locked on the blank draft.

If necessary, reviewers may leave all aspects of the review survey blank  and “send feedback” to the writer. This option means the writer gets no feedback in Eli.

If the instructor and group members are willing to help out, here’s the workaround that gives the writer another chance in Eli:

  1. The writer sends reviewers a copy of the writing task outside of Eli via email for example.
    NOTE: If the review is anonymous, the instructor will need to identify group members so that the writer may contact them.
  2. Reviewers can complete the review in Eli as usual, except that contextual comments will not be connected to the words of the draft (since the draft is blank in Eli). Reviewers can still add as many contextual comments as they want, but they will need to provide contextual clues such as “In the 3rd paragraph” or “when you say _____.”

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