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Prepping for Winter / Spring 2017

It’s somehow December already, which means that not only is it time to start winding down current courses but also thinking ahead to our next ones. Here are some tips and resources that can help you get a jump start on January.

Sharpen your skills at our free Peer Learning Workshop

See Eli from the student side and get feedback from colleagues about how you explain peer learning to students in our free online PD:

  • When: December 12-16 or January 9-13
  • Total Time: 3 hours
  • Cost: $0

Get more details, including instructions on how to reserve your spot, on the workshop page.

Pick a time for a free trial

Instructors new to Eli Review can try the app with their students for free for two weeks. Just sign up for Eli, start a course, and then pick your dates. Learn more about the free trial and see how to start one.

Add Eli Review to your syllabus and order access cards

If you’re still prepping your syllabus, we’ve got sample language you can modify. We’ve even got a handout template with student registration instructions that you can customize for your own Eli course.

Also, most students purchase subscriptions online using PayPal. If you want students to be able to purchase access cards, send the ISBN (978­0­692­47612­3) to your campus bookstore.

Add peer learning materials to your reading lists

Since you’re planning on facilitating a feedback-rich classroom, consider starting the new term with some open-source readings for students:

Get advice from colleagues

Seek out experienced teachers who have already designed feedback-rich classrooms; they’ll be glad to share the lessons they’ve learned along the way. You can reach out to folks profiled in our Instructor Stories, or you can contact our team with technical and pedagogical questions.

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