Better feedback. Better revision.

Better writers.

Learning requires revision and feedback-rich classrooms. Eli Review empowers teachers to coach students in feedback and revision and promotes critical thinking and better writing.

How Eli Review improves teaching and learning

How Eli Review Works

Five steps to evidence-based teaching and learning

How It Works 1
How It Works 1
How It Works 2
How It Works 1
How It Works 3
How It Works 1
How It Works 4
How It Works 1
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Step 1: Assign and Write Small Bits

Eli Review makes it easy to get feedback early and often, so writers can get feedback on texts as small as a sentence.

Step 2: Guide and Give Feedback

Students learn to give helpful feedback through explicit instruction and practice, learning for themselves while helping others.

Step 3: Debrief and Process Feedback

Instructors see formative data in real-time, helping them make evidence-based interventions on to know how and when to coach.

Step 4: Guide and Plan Revision

Revision plans prompt students to process and prioritize feedback, making their thoughts visible for themselves and instructors.

Step 5: Analyze and Iterate

See evidence of improvement in students’ drafts, in the feedback the give and receive, in revision plans, and in revisions.

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Innovative Features for Peer Learning

Invented in classrooms and grounded in research

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Eli Review saves you time, makes teaching easier, and delivers powerful data about learning and improvement.

Better Coaching: Eli Review was invented by teachers to eliminate the busywork of coordinating feedback and make room for more instruction.

Better Feedback - Eli makes it possible to model and coach effective feedback, helping teachers create powerful peer learning environments.

Powerful Data - Eli’s real-time data help teachers make effective decisions and help students, teachers, and institutions make sense of learning trends and performance outcomes.

Engaging Content - Our free development and curriculum materials help teachers grow and provides students with ready-made assignments.

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Teachers Getting Great Results

Learning made visible leads to big changes

Alana Kooi
Diane Kelly-Riley
Alana Kooi
Diane Kelly-Riley

Casey McArdle

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Casey McArdle has had great results teaching first-year writing using Eli, particularly teaching students to read scientific prose and using Eli’s real-time analytic data to best direct his time to help students where they needed it most. “It is not just about reviewing and revising essays,” he says, “but about reviewing and revising the way we think.”

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Eli Review became much more than a tool for periodic peer review day … it became an everyday occurrence.

John Holland, San Francisco State University (see John's profile)

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